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We offer courses and seminars in different aspects of practical permaculture. The activities will be announced here, on Permakultur Danmark’s website – and on our facebook page –

In another branch of our activities – Centre for Inner Freedom – we offer retreats with meditation, yoga and personal development. These activities are advertised here

The third branch of activities is the consultant company MoveMentor – offering team-, leadership- and organizational development programs for companies COOP, Toms, Schulstad, SAS, JYSK and many more. You can read more here:

Finding Natural Power

1 year of Spiritual and Practical Permaculture (Four seasons – four retreats)


There is only One Life!

It is the same life force that flows through everything – ant, worm, apple, human – everything woven together in a beautiful web of interconnectedness. Nothing can manifest outside this web.

Permaculture builds on this fundamental understanding and a firm idea that it is possible to create living systems that are sustainably beneficial for both human beings, animals, plants and soil in one beautiful, fertile and totally interconnected process.

Every season offers very different, both delicate and powerful openings to experience and explore the One Life and how we can align ourselves with the flow of energy in the web of interconnectedness. Every retreat is an organic process and will unfold as a perfect response to the season, the group and what moves in us.

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